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DCS800 - Enclosed Converter

DCS800 - Enclosed Converter
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DCS800-A are DCS800 converter modules mounted in an enclosure.

DCS800-A are DCS800 converter modules mounted in an enclosure.

The series is a complete range of enclosed converters intended for the supply and control of DC machines. The converter can be used for standard applications but has the flexibility to be customized for the most demanding applications. DCS800-A enclosed converters are variable as 6-/12-pulse and in 2- or 4-quadrant with current range of 18 to 9800/19600A and supply voltage of 230...900(1200)Vac.

DCS800-A Concept  

  • A single drive control technology is available for a wide power range to reduce training costs and meets the requirements of various applications.
  • Common AC busbar designs for group drives are available for the most cost-efficient and functional system stru  
  • Incoming supply section for group drives can be equipped with air circuit breakers or insulation switches.  
  • Control cubicles offer various I/O solutions in combination with ABB controls e.g. AC800M.  
  • Approval for many application specific standards (e.g. ABS, DNV, Loyd, UL, CSA) can be ordered as option.  
  • Flexible design of power cable entry provide simple installation and minimum power down time especially for upgrades.
Mains supply
Voltage - power part, 3-phase 230V to 1000V in acc. with IEC 60038, higher voltage is available on request.
Voltage deviation +/- 10% continuous
Rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Voltage - field exciter 110 to 500V, 1 ph for units 6...50Adc
Voltage deviation +/- 10% continuous
Frequency range 50Hz or 60Hz
Voltage - aux. supply, 1-phase 115V / 230V in acc. with IEC 60038
Voltage deviation -15% / +10%
Frequency range 45Hz to 65Hz
Voltage - fan supply 115V/230V, 1 ph ... 690V, 3 ph depending on frame sizes.
Degree of protection IP 00
as DCS800-A Enclosed Conv. IP20 / IP21 / IP31 / IP41
as DCS800-E Panel Solution IP20
DC outputs
DC voltage The maximal DC voltage is depending on supply voltage and converter type (2Q or 4Q). If a 2Q unit is also used in regenerative mode, please use also the values of the 4Q column. The following classes are available with the recommended DC voltage:
AC supply DC voltage
2Q 4Q
230V 265V 465V
400V 240V 415V
500V 580V 520V
600V 700V 625V
690V 800V 720V
790V 915V 820V
990V 1160V 1040V
1200V 1380V 1235V
DC current According rated current of frame sizes:
20 ... 260A D1, D2 with supply up to 525Vac
350 ... 1000A D3, D4 with supply up to 525Vac/600Vac
900 ... 2000A D5 with supply up to 690Vac
1900 ... 3000A D6 with supply up to 800Vac
2050 ... 5200A D7 with supply up to 990/1200Vac
5200A higher current is available on request.
DC field voltage Max. field voltage 110V to 500V, depending on supply voltage and field exciter unit.
6/15/20/25A Field exciter onboard of D1/D2/D3/D4
25A Internal with FEX-425-INT for D5 as option
35A Field exciter DCF80x (external)
35A on request